Dan ternyataaaaaaaa.. masih ada aja yang kepo mata-matain, ngambil foto sembarangan, upload, terus fitnah sana-sini. Can you get a life, please?

Kalo mau ngasih ‘berita’ ke orang, tolong dicari tau dulu gitu kebenarannya. Ngga usah sok jadi pahlawan. Ngga usah ikut campur urusan dan masalah orang. Heran banget kenapa masih ada orang yang rela repot kepoin orang sampe segitunya, sok tau pula.

I remember when someone asked us to draw our ‘big dream’ in a piece of paper. And, I don’t know if it coincident or not, we drew the same thing: Eiffel tower. We didn’t even communicate about it.

Maybe, Eiffel tower is the most common place that everyone wanna go. But still, it’s silly that we drew it at the same time, without each other knew.

Sometimes, I believe there’s no such thing as coincident in this world.


Small 29 square meter (312 sq ft) Apartment Design

"Tentang kopi kesukaanmu, cappucino, kopi itu bukan dari italia. Aslinya berasal dari biji-biji kopi Turki yang tertinggal di medan perang di Kahlenberg. Hanya sebuah info pengetahuan kecil-kecilan. Assalamu’alaikum"  - Fatma, 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa hal. 50 (via gizhworld)


Best support quote ever.

That scene when Jake met Ezra and they have face-to-face. And when Aria had to introduce Ezra to Jake and Jake to Ezra. I know what it feels like to be Aria. It must be awkward.

And I know exactly how it feels because it was happened to me not long time ago. Really really awkward.

Aria : Spence, it’s like you’re living a double life.

Spencer : What makes you think I’m living a double life?

Aria : Because I have and I know exactly what it looks like.

Hanna : Are you pregnant?

Emily : Shut up, Hanna.


Aria : We get it. We understand you have a boyfriend. We’ve all had them.

Hanna : Yeah, even Emily.

Emily : Shut up, Hanna.


LOL. I laughed out loud at that scene. Hanna is soooooo funny and adorable.

Pretty Little Liars Question

1) What is your order of favorite to least favorite of the four main girls?

- Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria
2) Out of the five girls (Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison), what do you think is the order of who is the prettiest to who is the least pretty?
- Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Aria, Alison
3) What is your favorite PLL couple of all time?

- Haleb
4) What is your least favorite PLL couple of all time? 

- Paily
5) Who do you think Spencer should be with?

- Wren
6) Who do you think Hanna should be with? 

- Caleb
7) Who do you think Aria should be with?

- Jake or maybe Jason. I don’t like Ezria.
8) Who do you think Emily should be with?

- Maya
9) Which of the girls do you think has the best sense of style? 
- Hanna or Aria
10) What is your order of favorite to least favorite out of Mrs. Hastings, Ms. Marin, Mrs. Montgomery, and Mrs. Fields?
- Montgomery, Marin, Fields, Hastings
11) What is your order of favorite to least favorite out of Mr. Fields, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Marin and Mr. Hastings?

- Fields, Marin, Hastings, Montgomery
12) Who are your three favorite guys on the show? 

- Caleb, Jason, Wren
13) Do you believe Alison is really dead?

- Yes
14) Who do you think is the killer of Alison? 

- Cece or Wilden
15) Out of everyone on the show, if you had to choose, which ONE character do you think is most likely to solve the mystery in the end?

- Spencer
16) Who do you think is still part of the A team?

- Idk but I’m sure Wren is a member of A Team.
17) Who do you think is Red Coat? 

- Maya
18) What is your all time favorite scene/quote from PLL?

- “It’s immortality my darling.”
19) Do you believe one of the Liars could be behind the A Team? 

- Yes, I believe it’s Aria
20) Do you believe in the twin theory?
- I do but I think Cece who has twin, not Ali.